Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse Need Your Help to Fund Their Short Film

Buoyed by the success of his Funny Or Die videos where he has sex with either Christopher Mintz-Plasse or himself, Dave Franco is looking to go bigger. He and Christopher shot a short film that they want to submit to festivals, but first they need your help. As he explains on their Kickstarter page, they need money to cover post-production costs — $2,500, to be exact. What’s surprising is that they would feel the need to ask for money; don’t they have enough from their latest project Fright Night?

Here’s Dave’s cute, rambling explanation about the project. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see any footage, but we know that the project is about a game of “Would You Rather?” where all of your choices actually come true. Dave mentions that his mom appeared in an uncomfortable scene; we’re assuming his character gets one of those “Would you rather, your mom or [a grosser choice]?” kind of questions, and he has to deal with the consequences.

The thing is, between yesterday and today, they already exceeded their goal of $2,500: The project currently has funding for over $3,000. There’s a solid two weeks til the end of the Kickstarter period (September 9), so there’s no telling how much they’ll get from fans. To be fair, they offer some cool perks: Almost every donor will receive a signed copy of the DVD, and if you’re feeling especially generous and donate $1,500 or above, you’re invited to dinner with Dave in L.A.

We’re still wondering why two fairly successful celebrities need to ask strangers for money for their projects. You would think that Dave, who’s had bit roles going back to Superbad, could cough up his share or ask brother James for funding. But maybe he’s trying to go this one alone without financial backing from his famous sibling.

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