Pixar Writer-Director Lee Unkrich Reveals Rejected Toy Story Titles

Last night Lee Unkrich — who’s worked on the first two Toy Story movies and wrote Toy Story 3found the original list of over 200 possible titles for Toy Story. It turns out that Pixar just couldn’t land on a good title back in 1995, so in desperation they put out a request to any and all employees. “There’s a reason these were rejected, guys,” he warned.

  • The New Toy
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Moving Buddies
  • To Infinity and Beyond
  • Wind-Up Heroes
  • The Cowboy & The Spaceman
  • Spurs & Rockets
  • Bring Me the Arm of Buzz Lightyear
  • Wind the Frog
  • Rex’s First Movie
  • For the Love of Peep
  • Toyz in the Hood
  • Each Sold Separately
  • Wings & Pullstrings
  • Some Assembly Required
  • The Favorite

Personally, I really like The Favorite since that is the crux of the first movie — which toy will Andy like better? Trying to figure out how Toy Story won out over the others, if it’s a play on words… The best I can come up with is “Toy Store,” or that Pixar just preferred the simplicity of it.

A lot of people got pissy over the inclusion of Made in Taiwan, but Lee pointed out that that’s what was stamped on the bottom of most of his childhood toys. And it’s not as if that’s changed much over time.

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