Camp Week Color War: Celebs with Blue Hair

No Camp Week is complete without the summer camp staple that is the color war, and we’ve decided to let famous people do our fighting for us. Playing for the blue team, we’ve got Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Avril Lavigne, along with other celebs who have dyed the hairs on their head navy, teal or aquamarine.

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    • Bad Romance

      Lady gaga looks so retarted with blue hair. The heavy makeup looks terrible too. She looked beautiful when she had long, golden blonde curly banged hair with her “natural” looking make up. I’m a lil monster, but she has gone way to far with the whole “I was born this way” act. I mean come on man.

      I’m now moving in to Adele. She’s a great singer -Weirdness. Hopefully she stays that way.