Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Ashley Holmes’ Dad Matt Holmes Is Being Charged for Arson and Money Laundering

The recent two-parter of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has Ashley Holmes‘ collected parents and stepparents arranging an intervention to berate her for being lazy — but it turns out her dad Matt Holmes isn’t the best role model, either. Matt and his wife Jodi Sue Holmes were arrested on June 6 on suspicion of arson, insurance fraud, and money laundering after their home burned down on March 12.

RHONJ‘s latest confrontation was filmed around January-February, so there’s no indication in the footage that anything was awry. But the authorities believe that Matt and Jodi intentionally committed arson in order to collect the $429,000 in insurance money. At the time, Matt told the investigators that he had been at the house about 45 minutes before firefighters got called out to the fire.

He claims he was dropping off supplies for the contractors there, but a “credible source” says that Matt left something else at the house: He doused three rooms with kerosene and gasoline.

If Matt’s closeness to the house and timeframe of the fire isn’t suspicious enough, Jodi’s behavior after their house burned down is. She allegedly got plastic surgery and bought a $40,000 (one-tenth of the insurance money, for you math nerds) diamond ring.

Matt and Jodi got released on bond in early June, but both are currently being charged for arson, insurance fraud, and money laundering. Ashley’s mother Jacqueline Laurita hasn’t commented on the article yet, but Ashley took to Twitter yesterday to say that the charges were brought on by a disgruntled former employee:

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