Pop Culture Events We’d Like to See Reenacted by the Muppets’ New Show

Between the upcoming release of their first theatrical film in over 10 years and the raging debate about whether Bert and Ernie should get married, the Muppets have certainly been in the news a lot lately. And now there’s another reason they’ll be sticking around in the headlines for a while: They’ve got a new television show in the works! Naturally, this is awesome, because the Muppets are awesome. Even better is the show’s premise: Developed by Bunim/Murray and Henson Alternative– the adult branch of the Jim Henson Company– History Of will reenact famous pop culture moments. With Muppets. YES. Furthermore, History Of’s showrunner will be Chris Regan, a former writer for The Daily Show, and the show will feature the random celebrity cameos that the Muppets have become famous for. Now, it’s unclear whether the show will feature the usual Muppet suspects– Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, etc.– but really, any Muppet is a good Muppet, so I’m not that concerned about it. Besides, maybe we’ll meet some hilarious new Muppets that might otherwise never have had their moment in the sun.

The show is still in the works, though, so it may be a while before we get to bask in its glory. To tide ourselves over, we started brainstorming which quintessential pop culture moments we’d like to see reenacted:

  • Snooki getting punched in the first season of Jersey Shore. Enough said.
  • Chris Crocker’s “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!” Possibly with a before/after shot.
  • A day in the life of Courtney Stodden and her ridiculous Twitter. Sometimes I’m convinced that she’s actually a Muppet in real life, soooo…
  • “Friday.” Rebecca Black’s hair on a Muppet? Yes please.
  • The Royal Wedding. Wills is totally Kermit.
  • Any and all of Lindsay Lohan’s court dates. Perhaps a retrospective.
  • Lolcats. Just because.
  • Gerard Depardieu’s recent plane escapades. I know the show is being developed by the adult part of the Henson Company, but is this event too weird even for that? How far into Avenue Q territory are we allowed to venture?
  • Charlie Sheen’s wack-o webcasts. Maybe they’ll make more sense this way.
  • Katy Perry’s Sesame Street cleavage issue. Eyes up here, Elmo.
  • Anything involving Jenelle Evans. I’ve always wondered what Muppets look like when they’re high.
  • Miley Cyrus’ ice cream cart pole dance at the Teen Choice Awards. Because Muppets need to pole dance every so often, too.
  • Balloon Boy. I’m having an image of Gonzo in The Great Muppet Caper: “I’d like to try this without a balloon.” “Try what? Plummeting?” “Yeah!”
  • The 2000 Presidential Election. Mostly, I just want to see a whole bunch of politicians as Muppets. Bonus points to this one for being of questionable veracity.
  • “I Whip My Hair.” This is just BEGGING for Muppet treatment.
  • Questionable fashion trends. Mullets. Rompers. Harem pants. Monkeytail beards. Help me understand these.
  • MTV back when it still showed music videos. Naturally all of the music videos will feature Muppets.


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