What Should Kate Gosselin Do Now That ‘Kate Plus 8′ Has Been Cancelled?

In a long-overdue move earlier this week, TLC finally axed Kate Plus 8, and the world rejoiced. But you know who’s probably not rejoicing? Kate Gosselin. Tragedy! However will she take care of her massive ego– er, I mean, her massive brood of children– now? Obviously, it’s time to find a new career. But what should she do next? Well, Kate, we’ve got some ideas for you. Care to take a look?

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    • B

      This is great. She should do all of these things!

    • Bill

      I would like to see Kate wearing diapers and plastic pants.

    • Lilit Marcus

      Wait, so her show wasn’t already a circus? I learn something every day.

    • AEB

      Get a job like the rest of us commoners! She needs to support that liter of kids she gave birth too.

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