The 9 Lives of Chloe King: 9 Reactions on the Season (Series?) Finale

So some crazy stuff went down in San Francisco in the 9 Lives of Chloe King season finale. People died in unceremoniously random ways, families were revealed, and Chloe learned—again—that you just can’t trust the internet.

(Side note: Sorry this is late, but I moved across the country and I hadn’t had a chance to watch the episode until later this week!)

1. Useless Deaths

So, a lot of people die in this episode. Chloe dies, of course, because it’s dramatic, even though she has seven—or rather six—more lives left. Brian dies because she kisses him, which is just as unceremonious and melodramatic as it sounds. And Valentina and Jasmine die because Zane is a crazy whatsit and kills them. Like, really? One after the other? It’s just so…random and depressing. Not only was Jasmine one of the lovely main characters, but Valentina was the leader, the gamekeeper in terms of the show—she gave people assignments and reasons for jumping off buildings or running after Chloe. Sure, these deaths create drama (which I’ll look at later), but it just really seems to me that number of deaths and their real lack of buildup (didn’t we meet Zane a week ago?) didn’t  pack a real punch other than annoyance.

2. Brian Is Not Okay

I don’t understand how Chloe’s mom thinks it’s okay for her sixteen-year-old daughter to go on a road trip with a college-aged boy. It might be different if she knew him better, but she obviously doesn’t even know his last name, as evidenced by her meeting with Brian’s dad and the lack of a scene where her mom asks about the name and possible relation. Not only is this dissonant in terms of Chloe’s mother’s characterization—weren’t they just rescuing her boyfriend’s daughter from a human trafficking ring? Wouldn’t she be even more protective of Chloe then?—it also shows that the writers didn’t think about Brian’s character enough to provide these details. Instead, because of their lack of focus, they were able to provide a cheap thrill when it was revealed that Chloe’s mother was dining with Brian’s father.

3. Not to Mention How Terrible His Grandmother Was

Anyway, the road trip ends with Brian finally meeting his grandmother. Their conversations go from teary to downright weird. When Brian talks about his father covering up his mother’s death, the grandmother coolly notes that she wouldn’t be surprised if he was involved in his wife’s death. Um. What?? Way to just have a throwaway line that you think that maybe your son is a murderer! Especially to his grandson?! Of course, this makes sense later when we realize that Brian’s grandmother is a jerk (whose voice drops an octave when she’s not playing nice), and talks to Simone (the red-headed woman) about how she needs proof that Chloe’s the cat messiah.

4. Simone, What’s Your Damage?

Maybe Simone and Brian’s grandmother are related? They both have red hair. Anyway, it doesn’t seem like the actress (Jolene Anderson) knows how to act, simply because she, like the audience, probably has no idea what her motivations are. I guess she’s working with Brian’s grandmother behind Brian’s dad’s back, but it seems like they have the exact same goal anyway, just different means to do it. If you both want certain people dead, how much does it matter who does it? Or maybe Simone’s just working the grandmother and the dad against each other so she can make some money on the side? Whoa, Simone.

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