Conspiracy Theory: Ryan Rottman Is Trevor Donovan’s Replacement on 90210, Not His Love Interest

Or to clarify, not just his love interest. EW just announced that Ryan Rottman, from TeenNick’s “celebrity offspring” drama Gigantic, is heading to West Bev this fall. He’ll play Shane, a twentysomething guy “who is confident in his identity” and whose big conflict will be pushing for marriage equality.

People are assuming that he’ll be Teddy’s new fling and will inspire the younger guy (who came out last season) to stand up for gay rights. But I think that Ryan’s character serves another purpose: Helping Trevor Donovan to transition off the show.

We know that Trevor’s got only about five episodes in the fall before he officially leaves the show; in that time, the writers can easily introduce Shane, position him within the group, and have him — as awful as this sounds — still represent the queer plotlines once Trevor exits.

I still think that the writers might kill off Teddy with a hate crime… and what more dramatic way than if it happened while he was fighting for gay marriage?

If you think about it, Shane’s age fits well; all of the characters are moving on to college, so it’s conceivable that he’s an older student or recent graduate at “California University” or wherever the main characters end up going to school.

We’ll know for sure when season 4 premieres on Tuesday, September 13 on The CW.

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    • Jaselle

      Nobody can replace Trevor Doovan/Teddy! plus this Rottman guy is a felon and a drunk who was just arrested for a DUI and ugly.

      • Natalie Zutter

        Hmm, so do you think his time on the show would get cut short if he gets sentenced at all?

    • Iwritestuff

      I do not like this guy Ryan at all, he looks sleezy and yes he did just get arrested for dui. he’s gross.

    • bec

      According to the casting sides, Shane pretty much only has scenes with Teddy. So I don’t see any integration into the group in Shane’s future. If Shane went to the same college as the other characters it might be a different story, but he doesn’t. Both of them will be gone by the end of the season. Nice try though.

    • gale

      Ew why did they pick this guy? He has such a punchable face

    • majority

      Survey says – LAME Rottman is rotten. Donovan is delicious !