Watch These Justin Bieber Fans Cry and Scream When Tickets Sell Out

You’d think somebody got shot. These girls in Monterrey, Mexico waited in line for days, only to find out that the Justin Bieber tickets they so desired had sold out. So yeah, an emotionally volatile time, but these girls couldn’t seem to wrap their minds around the fact that there were no more tickets to be had. You have to watch this video. Just when you think you’ve hit the most extreme reaction with the girl who’s curled up, fetal position, screaming on the concrete, you find the one who thinks that Justin is watching her news story and tearily pleads with him to release more tickets. This is not how fandom is supposed to work!

I’m all for getting excited about the celebrity or TV show you like, but this is absolutely ridiculous! No one died; the Biebs is young, so he’s bound to have a ton of tours again soon. One girl in the second portion (which is translated) is crying about how the tickets were supposed to be her quinceanera present. Sooo… use all that money for something else equally cool?

You have so many pivotal life events ahead of you, kids. You will fall in love and get your hearts broken. You’ll go to the college of your dreams or work a job you love. You’ll have children who will invariably be obsessed with 2037′s android pop star, and you’ll see how silly this all is.

But for the moment, it’s just fuckin’ scary. It actually reminds me of the freakiest scene from Signs.


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