Video: Anderson Cooper Catches The Giggles From Pee Jokes About Gerard Depardieu

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who cracked up over the Gerard Depardieu pee story yesterday. Anderson Cooper tried to tackle it on his segment “The Ridiculist” last night, and it would seem his writers did a little too good of a job writing pee puns. He was doing all right at first, but once a critical mass of quips had built up, our platonic husband could hold it in no longer, and let flow a laugh even more golden than the urine in question.

Who knew that the strapping CNN anchor had such a pure and innocent giggle lurking in his belly, just waiting to be released? Perhaps not even the silver fox himself. “Sorry, this has actually never happened to me,” he says around 3:10, barely able to speak through his laugh attack. “You always see this sort of thing on Youtube and you don’t think it’ll actually happen to you.” Oh, how the tables have turned.

On behalf of all Anderson Cooper enthusiasts, I’d like to thank Gerard Depardieu from the bottom of my soul for indirectly causing this wonderful thing to happen. May the world’s joy at this heartwarming video clip balance out its chagrin over Depardieu’s airplane etiquette.



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