Gwyneth Paltrow Nearly Kills Someone, Is Credited with Saving a Life

Gwyneth Paltrow: actress, mother, kale enthusiast, hero. Evidently the GOOPer is being credited with having saved a woman’s life on September 11th. How did she accomplish this? By nearly running the lady over in her luxury SUV. Here’s the People story, which bills GP as a “lifesaver”:

Lara Lundstrom Clarke believes her life was saved by a chance encounter with the actress on Sept. 11, 2001, according to The Morton Report.

Clarke was rushing to get to work at the Twin Towers in New York City when she jaywalked in order to get to the subway station. As she crossed 7th Avenue, a Mercedes SUV came barreling toward her.

Both Clarke and the car stopped in their tracks, and as the driver waved her across she realized it was Paltrow behind the wheel. The near-collision caused Clarke to miss her train, and by the time she got to work, the first plane had hit the World Trade Center. ”

The article goes on to say that Gwyneth is apparently “deeply moved” by the story, which seems a strange reaction to the news that you almost vehicularly manslaughtered someone. Because that’s what happened, no? It is, of course, great news that this woman is still alive, but calling Gwyneth a “lifesaver” is a bit disingenuous. She was barreling down the streets of New York in her giant car!

Sliding Doors references are unavoidable and half of Hollywood is no doubt trying to acquire Lara Clarke’s life rights. Which, as it turns out, are actually owned by Gwyneth because of a life-saver’s loophole.

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