The Dos and Don’ts of Drama, with Degrassi: The First Rule of Cagefighting Club Is…

Two out of the three plotlines for “Mr. Brightside” parts 1 and 2 were pretty drama-free: Alli had to trust her parents to like Dave for who he really is, and Holly J and Fiona found a way to give Dawn her kidney money. So, mostly happy endings in Degrassi-land. Even Drew and Katie seemed to have a growing flirtation. AND THEN DREW STARTED CAGEFIGHTING.

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    • Gamgee

      I’m not really feeling the Drew/Katie storyline. Although to be fair, I don’t really like Drew in general, so… YEAH. I’m more interested in what Adam will feel after he knows Drew is kissin’ Katie. Unless they covered that in passing and I missed it… Eh.

      • Natalie Zutter

        I didn’t even think about that! And I wonder if Katie even knows that Drew and Adam are brothers…