Increasingly Awkward Recaps: ‘Jenna Lives’

Jenna’s being stalked, Matty might be hooking up with another girl, and the guidance counselor is taking off her shirt. So. Much. Awkwardness.

Jenna Freaks

Despite the ice-cold “I’m not ready to be in a relationship” line Matty handed Jenna last week, she’s still holding on to the hope he’s still into her — just, you know, shy or something. Those hopes get a little strained when she sees a hottie getting out of his car. To make matters worse, she seems to have a stalker: A creepy-looking guy in a black T-shirt that says Jenna Lives on the front, and In Tribute on the back. Someone’s cashing in on her non-suicide.

Jenna Plus

Matty’s new squeeze who he literally keeps squeezing right in front of Jenna is deemed “Jenna Plus” by our poor, sad protagonist. The girl definitely bears a slight resemblance but unfortunately possesses a lot more cool. In a moment of Matty-frustration-fueled courage, Jenna confronts the Jenna Lives creeper, who insists the screen print is a reference to his band. Still seeing him everywhere, she goes to the ever-helpful guidance counselor to report the stalker and the mean tee, only to find she’s rocking one too. The counselor does the polite thing and takes it off. (She’s too young to be wearing such an old-lady bra.)

Jenna Snaps

Bolting to Matty to prove she’s not crazy, Jenna rambles for a bit about her non-suicide, only increasing the appearance that she’s mentally unstable. Seeing him buy Jenna Plus a sandwich only increases the crazy, which reaches a boiling point when she finds the stalker hawking Jenna Lives T-shirts in the hallway. She does the only reasonable thing after he refuses to take the shirt off: She rips it off him. And as everyone knows, de-shirting a guy in the hallway is an offense worthy of detention.

Jenna Escapes

Luckily, the loopy guidance counselor is also the detention monitor, so Jenna and her fellow rebels can leave while she takes her two-hour nap. Unfortunately, the leader of the jail break is Jenna Plus. They have a friendly chat about her magical hook-ups and epic fights with her on again, off again boyfriend, and Jenna’s fears are confirmed when she glances at Plus’ phone and sees Matty’s last name on the caller ID.

Jenna Misinterprets

Jenna and Jake share a sweet moment of miscommunication where she talks about a guy (read: Matty) with a girlfriend who’s just not into her, while Jake offers that that guy (read: him) is totally into her. So Jenna thinks he’s just being nice, and Jake thinks she’s just confessed her undying love for him. That won’t go wrong. Sure enough, as soon as detention lets out, Jake comes back to very, very clumsily confess his (or, “that guys’”) crush on Jenna. And then he kisses her. Right in front of the janitor. Oh snap.

Jenna Apologizes

Jenna’s adorably bumbling parental units try to punish her for her detention-worthy offense, but end up fighting over the appropriateness of a mother encouraging her fifteen-year-old to wear a bra-less, back-less shirt to school. It also turns out that Jenna’s supposed stalker is an office aide, which explains his omnipresence around school and Jenna. She mans up and apologizes… but the audience is allowed a sneak-peek into his locker, which is, in fact, a Jenna shrine. It seems Jenna Plus wants to be Jenna’s new bestie, since she calls her over to her lunch table. When Matty sits down he reveals Jenna Plus isn’t his girlfriend, she’s his brother’s, explaining the last name on the caller ID. So Jenna enjoys her lunch with her dream guy and her hope lives another day.

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