Danielle Staub Wastes No Time Jumping on Russell Armstrong’s Suicide

A year after leaving The Real Housewives of New JerseyDanielle Staub is still firmly entrenched in the reality world: She’s currently appearing on celebrity-cook show Famous Food. But that’s apparently not enough for her, since she appeared on Entertainment Tonight to talk about the stresses of reality TV and how, in the wake of Russell Armstrong‘s suicide, she too had thoughts of killing herself during her time on RHONJ. The woman moves fast: Russell died Monday night.

The video’s only two minutes, yet it’s so awful to watch. Danielle claims that she’s considered suicide more than once, but each time she didn’t do it because she thought of her daughters (read: the profits she would reap from daughter Christine‘s modeling career).

She doesn’t actually talk about Russell much at all, aside from saying that all the haters will never understand because they’re not part of her “genre” (that’s reality TV) and don’t make a living from it. And you know why she shies away from Taylor Armstrong and her family? Because she doesn’t know them. What a hanger-on.

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    • Bonnie

      OMG get a life Danielle not everything in the world revolves around you. This was a tragic event for Taylor and family and somewho you made it into all about you. Why not just keep you comments to yourself when they really have nothing to do with the family involved. Nobody cares about what you think except maybe the men in the strip club or the guy you made the sec tape with.