On-Set Video from ‘Man of Steel’ Reveals That Amy Adams’ Lois Lane Is a Redhead

More goodies from the set of Zack Snyder‘s Superman movie: Photographer Gregory Zonsius caught this video of Lois Lane, a.k.a. Amy Adams, visiting Clark Kent’s hometown of Smallville, Kansas yesterday. There’s no dialogue since a train was passing by, but it’s Lois stopping at a gas station, presumably to ask for directions to the Kent farm. Also — Amy didn’t dye her hair!

That’s right; it doesn’t seem like this Lois will have the dark locks that have become something of a trademark for her character as played by Teri Hatcher, Erica Durance, and even Kate Bosworth, who dyed her blond hair. This really is a reboot. (Fun fact: Amy is actually a natural blonde, but dyed her hair red prior to her first big role in Junebug.)

Sorry! This video is no longer available.

That’s Piano, IL, standing in for Smallville. According to Gregory, the crew will shoot the more rural scenes in Fox Valley, IL; will spend a handful of days likely filming Daily Planet/city scenes in Chicago; and then will move on to Vancouver and the Edwards Air Force Base in California.

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