Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Two and a Half Men’ Trailer Is a Thousand Times Nicer Than My Apartment

I have a single television set in my living room equipped with basic, SD cable; Ashton Kutcher‘s trailer has seven 60-inch, 3-D plasma TVs. My apartment has a single bathroom that my two female roommates and I all share; Ashton Kutcher’s trailer has two bathrooms. My kitchen countertops have been sprayed with pesticide more times than I care to recount; Ashton Kutcher’s trailer’s kitchen has granite countertops. I have a fire escape with a wobbly ledge that one could conceivably use to make a private phone call; Ashton Kutcher’s trailer has a conference area.

I suppose it’s also worth mentioning that Ashton Kutcher’s trailer costs $8750 a week, while my apartment costs… well, significantly less than that. Buying the vehicle would cost a whopping $2 million, which is twice Ashton’s weekly salary for appearing on Two and a Half Men. Man, this is why I’ll never own a house. I can’t even afford a goddamn motor home.

(via People)

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    • Lainey

      Keep writing funny articles like this one and you will one day be able to afford a motor home. :)

      • Liana Maeby

        It’s good to have goals.

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    • Irish Girl

      This is what boggles me about the acting profession. I’m fine with actors having trailers and dressing rooms; they need a place to have some quiet and concentration in order to do their job. Having been an actor once, I get that and I support that.

      But this….it isn’t even ridiculous. It’s obscene. NO actor needs a thing this opulent. Not to decompress, or read your lines, or take a nap, or take a crap, call your wife, your husband, your children –or any of those things actors need such a space for in the first place. They can do all those things in a Winnebago and be grateful for it. They want something bigger? Fine. Tell them to spend their own money on it and they can have one.