Pippa Middleton is the Kraken

Earlier this week, we shared our favorite overstatements from TLC’s Pippa Middleton special, Crazy About Pippa. It was preceded, by the way, by something called Wild about Prince Harry. Now, the weird thing about these two specials is this: Harry has had a high-profile life filled with enough hijinks and shenanigans to comfortably fill an hour-long fluff piece. Pippa, though? She… kind of hasn’t really done anything other than be Kate’s sister and look nice in a bridesmaid’s dress. My favorite piece of ridiculous, though, was the bit about “unleashing” Pippa on the world. Which just made me think of Liam Neeson bellowing “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!” So here you go, Internet. I whipped up a little something for you: The original 1981 Clash of the Titans kraken with Pippa Middleton’s head shopped onto it. Badly. You’re welcome.

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