The Dos and Don’ts of Drama, with ‘Degrassi’: KC Gets a Guitar to the Face, and Sav’s Hot for Teacher

We were right… sort of. We correctly guessed that the new season of teen TV would have a female teacher flirting with a male student. We just assumed it would be One Tree Hill and didn’t even think of Degrassi. But “Lose Yourself” parts 1 and 2 make it clear that Ms. Oh (“Call me Winnie”) has eyes for her student Sav. We can’t wait to see this plotline progress. Elsewhere, KC and Jenna are probably going to break up because they can’t handle Ty. (That, and he cheated on her with Marisol.) In the actual drama department, Clare fears for Jake‘s life while he works on the sets for Eli‘s play… especially when Eli does a creepy laugh and says, “He’ll be out of the picture soon enough.” Um, what?!

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    • Gamgee

      This is just nitpicking BUT Emma didn’t have to leave class because she got her period. She was sitting outside with Manny wearing a (new) skirt and when she stood up from the bench, Manny saw THE SPOT. So she went to class in someone else’s gym clothes. And when someone commented on that, she went on a rant about periods and being a woman.

      Which totally got Sean aroused.

      • Natalie Zutter

        No, I totally appreciate having a diehard Degrassi fan reading my recap! You know, I haven’t seen the episode since its original airdate probably, so I’m not surprised I didn’t remember it correctly. (Or maybe my twelve-year-old mind made it that much more traumatizing…)

        So which do you think was worse, Emma’s period rant or Jenna’s “wikileaks”?