Dianna Agron’s Pink Dip-Dyed Hair Is Way Better Than Other Celebrity Dye Jobs

When you hear that a celebrity has dyed her hair some bright color, you imagine Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj with candy-hued hair that looks like a thick wig. We much prefer Glee star Dianna Agron‘s new look, seen in Los Angeles yesterday. A few weeks ago, Agron chopped off her blond locks for Glee‘s summer hiatus, and now she’s joined the growing dip-dye movement, working hot pink into her hairstyle. It’s really growing on us, since it actually looks like human hair.

Sienna Miller had a similar brainstorm: On Wednesday, Us magazine posted a photo of the actress with peachy-pink highlights in her blond hair.

Maybe it’s the way the sun hits her, but the pink hair seems to really brighten up her face. We’re unsure if this look could work for a starker color like blue or purple, but we invite celebs to try! Because we really don’t need more of this alternative:

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