5 Ways Ashton Kutcher’s New DMV-Themed Reality Show Could Actually Be Interesting

TruTV has just greenlight a series from Ashton Kutcher’s Katalyst Media, and it’s a reality show that takes place behind the scenes at the DMV. That’s right, the DMV — which is notable specifically because it is the absolute most boring place on the planet. That’s the joke about the DMV: it is boring. There are long lines and a lot of paperwork and SERIOUSLY, NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. So here are five ways to make this show a thing that someone (anyone, any single person) might actually be interested in watching.

1. THERE IS A BOMB IN THE DMV. Oh, just business as usual at the DMV. People waiting in line and filling out paperwork to renew their licenses, but THERE IS A BOMB THAT COULD GO OFF AT ANY TIME. So like, regular DMV stuff PLUS A BOMB.

2. Snooki works behind the desk. This will be hilarious because Snooki will be terrible at her job and also say absurd things, like Snooki tends to do. So, really, it’s just another show about Snooki. I’m just going to keep saying “Snooki,” because I bet it’s really good for SEO.

3. It’s actually a show about all the stupid vanity plates people get, and each episode takes us on a tour through the psyche of someone who would choose to define himself by the mantra “MMMBAC0N.”

4. Mark the Cobrasnake takes all the driver’s license photos. It’s a total party at the DMV! And everyone is underage!

5. It’s secretly a revamp of Punk’d! So celebrities come into to the DMV, and they wait in line, and nobody tells them that OH SHIT, THERE IS A BOMB!!!!!!!!!!

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