Parenting Lessons from ‘Teen Mom’: Don’t Be Hungover At Your Child’s Birthday Party

This week’s struggles range from how to deal with adoption-driven guilt to how to hide a puppy from Grandma– so yeah, not everyone is dealing with the same level of stress right now. High drama! Low drama! Weird, unsettling relationship drama! Bring it, MTV.

Catelynn and Tyler have both been busy with their new jobs, but Catelyn has been invited to go back to the moms-who-gave-their-kids-up-for adoption retreat she went to last year. Catelynn and Tyler tell Tyler’s mom that they haven’t called Brandon and Theresa since their visit with Carly at the end of last season and that they feel guilty about it. Tyler’s mom tells them not to worry about it, but Catelynn still feels like she needs to work out her relationship with Brandon and Theresa.

Catelynn shows up at the retreat and there’s a big happy reunion with Jill, the founder of the retreat. Catelynn’s also brought along a new girl called Paige. Paige and Catelynn settle in. Paige, it seems, didn’t have anyone around to help her out through the adoption process, which is making it harder for her. There are some tears, and they share a bonding hug.

The retreat gets under way. While everyone is sharing their stories, one in particular stands out: Nicole’s. Nicole’s adoption HAD been open, but apparently, when her child was four, the adoption closed and she has no idea how her child is doing now. Catelynn gets a look of horror on her face. She struggles not to break down when she tells the group that she’s trying to figure out how she can make her relationship with Brandon and Theresa stronger. The possibility of Carly’s adoption closing TERRIFIES her.

Paige and Catelynn chat later on the porch. Paige is really happy to be in a place where everyone understands where she’s coming from, but she’s curious about why Catelynn was getting teary when talking about Brandan and Theresa. Catelynn admits her fear that Brendan and Theresa could shut her out. They discuss that even though they know that they gave their kids the lives they couldn’t give them themselves, it’s hard not being able to raise them as their own. They’re not parents, Catelynn says, but they’re still moms.

Later, Catelynn shares pictures of her and Tyler’s visit with Carly with the retreat. She says that the visit went well, but again states that she’s afraid that her lack of communication since then will negatively impact their relationship with Brandan and Theresa. The group assures her that seeing her daughter after a year is an adjustment, and that if she needs a little distance, it’s not a bad thing.

The retreat draws to a close and everyone shares what they’re taking with themselves and what they’re leaving behind. Catelynn decides to leave behind her fears about Brandan and Theresa. Paige thanks Catelynn for bringing her. Hugs all around.

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      Don’t forget Leah walking around with the package of condoms!! Well, at least someone is prepared ….but, seriously, put those things away!!

    • Rachel

      I think this whole Ryan going to court to prevent Maci and Kyle from living together is so dumb. It’s her long-term boyfriend, it’s not like she has different guys in and out of Bentley’s life all the time, it is a stable home. It seems like Ryan’s mom is the one who is actually upset about it, because it means Maci and Ryan are over for good. I wish his parent’s would stay out of Maci’s person life, she is a good mom and deserved to move on from Ryan and have a life and love.

      • B

        The more I think about it, the more I think that Ryan’s mom is pressuring him into going to court, because she’s hoping that this will pressure Maci into getting back together with him. It seems like in both of their families, the parents of a child are supposed to be married, and Ryan’s mom seems to want to pursue that at all costs. I could be wrong; that’s just what it seems like. Who asks “Is it really over between you two?” while talking about plans to go to court?

    • Pilar

      Hacienda is not some random Mexican place!!! It is the finest almost Mexican food that the great state of Indiana has to offer.

      Seriously, Amber and Gary are insufferable human beings and that baby would be better off if they had a court order to never be in the same room again.

      And what is with Maci this season? Has she always been this demanding, childish and annoying?

      This series needs to end. These people need to go back to obscurity.

      • Lucia Peters

        Good to know! I’ve never been to Indiana, so forgive me if I’m not familiar with local awesomeness. Totally hear you about Maci– I still think she’s a good mom, generally speaking, but she’s also been doing a whole lot of silly, selfish things this season…

    • pyrmom

      I am so disappointed in Maci this time around–thought for a time she really had her act together. Now she is just another teen mom moaning and groaning about life.

    • Lilit Marcus

      I didn’t think it was sweet when Leah kept saying “Amber” – I think it means that she considers Amber some lady her dad talks to on the phone a lot. She doesn’t ever say “Mom.” Remember when Leah burst out crying last week when she saw Amber? Leah doesn’t even know who Amber is.

    • hailey

      I’m not trying to be mean I’m completely serious is there some mental illness going on with Farah and her mom something isint right with them at all . Tyler should just leave kaitland she’s so sweet he’s gonna hurt her u can tell by his answers he wants out but knows it will devastate her personally I think he is gay he’s very lady like in his movements she is the only genuine person on this show I can only good Dr.Drew will be the only person who doesn’t bail on her I dnt understand her moms behavior towards this sweet gorgeous young lady as for Gary and amber WOW Gary passed thru our small town over last weekend mclean Illinois stopping foot directions to the closests bar to macomb Illinois amberi dnt know why I feel bad for but she is delusional sometimes about her life maci is annoying but a good mom Ryan is a complete jackass just like his parents kaitland is only person on show that is genuine let’s not forget they r all getting paid for this show