Gallery: Emma Stone’s Wigs In “The Help” Deserve A Razzie

Emma Stone must have done something really bad to her stylist on the new movie The Help. In the movie, she plays a young debutante named Skeeter who writes a book from the perspective of the black maids in 1960s Jackson, Mississippi. She wants to get their employers (who are also her friends) to start treating “the help” better.  The premise is a little weird, considering it’s a story of black empowerment told through the eyes of a pretty, rich white girl. Even stranger?

The terrible, terrible wigs that Emma Stone is forced to wear throughout. That still above is the most natural her hair looks throughout the whole movie. It’s an especially weird choice, considering that Emma looks like she’s starring in a makeover movie instead of a potentially powerful film about racial inequality.  A girl with bad hair and glasses who keeps tripping? It’s sort of a recipe for disaster. Click through this gallery to see  exactly how bad movie wigs can get.

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    • Liana Maeby

      I would buy this crimping tool.

    • Susannah

      Is it just me or in that one pictures with the “ruined” hairdo does she look kind of like the adult we all HOPED Lindsay Lohan would grow up to be after we saw “The Parent Trap”…? Just me? Okay then, nevermind…

      • Meghan Keane

        Aw. That’s true. But I think in general, Emma Stone might be the adult we hoped LIndsay would grow into.

    • Lauren

      Did you read the book? He hair is supposed to be awful. Her hair is supposed to look the best on that date.

      That said – the little girl who place younger Skeeter’s wig does look absolutely ridiculous.

      • Meghan Keane

        Valid point. But she’s usually a redhead in real lifeWhy use a series of terrible wigs to make that point?

    • thighmaster

      her hair’s a wee bit better than Muppet Baby Skeeter’s
      which really isn’t saying much

      • Meghan Keane

        and now i wish emma had muppet hair in this movie…

    • Vicki

      It is true, but if you the character in the book is described exactly like that and I think it is great that instead of “glamorizing” the stars they are keeping true to the book (at least from what I’ve seen)…her character, Skeeter, is described as having frizzy hair, and a little awkward, hence the reason she does not fit in with the other society ladies and feels socially free to follow her heart and tackle this intense, but important issue.

    • caree

      Sure, we all love Emma Stone, but for anyone that has actually read the book, she was NOT the person to cast as Skeeter (looks-wise anyway). In the book, Skeeter is described as awkwardly tall, bone-thin, frizzy blonde awful hair, pale skin and a very prominent nose that won her the nickname of ‘Skeeter’ at birth. So whom do we cast? Emma Stone is popular, let’s get her! The short, petite, freckled, brunette button-nosed wonder. She’ll be perfect!

      Those wigs were about the only thing they could do for her to be ‘true to character’.

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    • Pissed

      Who the fuq wrote this?

      • Jan Silvestro

        I loves Skeeter’s curly wig or was that her natural hair. I want one

    • Sabina Alderman

      You do realize that her learning to accept the way she looks and define herself by her own terms as opposed to those of the women around her is a big part of the book right? Her curls that she is constantly teased about by women with soft and silly hair symbolize get rebellion of societies standards. You making a fuss over her appearance shows that you completely missed the point.

    • Neil arther

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