12 Board Game-Inspired Movie Ideas That Are Just As Ridiculous As ‘Battleship’

The trailer for the Battleship movie hit the web last week, and while it looks better than one would expect, given that it’s a movie based on a board game which, at its most exciting, involves sticking a peg into a hole in a plastic ship, I’ll be honest with you: I’m a little baffled. How exactly do we get from “A…4″ to “OH GOD ALIENS!”? No idea. And honestly, if this is the direction Hollywood is going these days, I’m a little terrified to find out where this Candy Land movie I keep hearing about is going to go. But hey, since I may as well capitalize on this weird let’s-turn-board-games-into-movies trend while I can, here are 12 other possible board game-inspired movie ideas to pitch. Call me, Hollywood. I’m waiting.

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    • Destiny

      Actually, that taboo one doesn’t sound half bad.