Is Michael Patrick King’s ’2 Broke Girls’ Just Another ‘Sex And The City’?

With fall just around the corner, television networks have been plugging away at promoting their newest fall comedy lineups. Many of the offerings are relying on star-power, like Zooey Deschanel’s latest vehicle The New Girl or the new and possibly improved Two and a Half Men (now with Ashton Kutcher). Then are there are shows banking on proven track-records, such as 2 Broke Girls, created by stand-up Whitney Cummings and Sex and the City show-runner, Michael Patrick King.

But King doesn’t appreciate the comparisons to SATC, as easy as they are to make.

The multi-camera sitcom stars indie sweetheart, Kat Dennings (whom King met on SATC when she was only 14) and Beth Behrs, a relative unknown who, according to her IMDB page, is “a classically trained singer” and played a girl named “Heidi” in an American Pie straight-to-video movie.

Since the show features female leads and “edgy” humor, it instantly attracted  commentary about SATC, which naturally peeves its creators. King and Cummings vehemently claim that the show isn’t a Sex And The City clone just because it features single women. Both eschew the practice of aggregating all female-driven shows into one. Ordinarily we’d agree, but the show does seem to borrow some of its tone and topics from the popular HBO series. For instance, Behr’s character Caroline is super privileged and absolutely clueless when it comes to the outside world–sort of like a heightened version of Charlotte York. Dennings’ character, meanwhile, is street-smart and isn’t shy about her sexuality (at least the trailer suggests), freely using the words “dries up” and “my vagina” in a sentence–so, kind of like Miranda mixed with Samantha… but poor? And not to get mixed up in any sort of SATC lore or anything but, wasn’t Carrie Bradshaw a waitress at some point, too?

Or maybe she just got knocked up by a waiter. Who knows? The point is she was in a restaurant once!

Also, considering how much SATC has infiltrated our pop culture consciousness, it’s really hard to avoid the comparison when you’ve got a television show about single women in New York. The true test is what people say about it a few months from now. If it gets renewed, the talk will die out. If it doesn’t, it will be forever remembered as yet another failed Carrie Bradshaw rip-off.

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