Video: ’16 and Well-Adjusted’ Is the New ’16 and Pregnant’

For those of you who managed to graduate from high school without a baby in tow and feel like you’re missing out on the reality TV money that Amber Portwood is bringing in for having made bad life decisions, you can now feel better about yourself. 16 and Pregnant has a new spinoff, 16 and Well-Adjusted, which is about girls who turn 16, don’t get pregnant, don’t punch their boyfriends on national television, and go to class once in a freaking while.

Kudos to whoever put this video together. They clearly did their homework, because the spoof is spot on. It nails the intro voiceover “But that’s all about to change, becaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaause…”, the notebook paper graphic between segments, the obviously staged conversation with friends who don’t get it, the loser boyfriend, and basically everything.

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    • pyrmom

      That was great!

    • Emily Moorhouse

      Bahaha this is hilarious!
      Kudos to whoever made this,

    • Vic

      This is amazing.

    • Ann

      “I can’t deal with not dealing with anything” haha
      Lol I loved this!! Good job :)

    • MissCosta

      I absolutely loved this LOL wtf. why were they all prego . sheeesh!

    • Amz

      Hahaha, this is hilarious!!