Parenting Lessons from ‘Teen Mom’: Crying Proves You Love Your Kid


Farrah voiceovers that it’s her last semester in culinary school. She’s trying to get Sophia to help her load the dishwasher. I remember when my mom used to convince me that housework was a super fun game. That’s a good parent trick. Sophia seems to be in her bitey stage because she bites Farrah on the wrist. Debra stops by and mentions that Farrah has to cook a final meal as a class project and asks if she can eat it, and Farrah says no. Then Farrah’s phone rings, and it’s Ashley. (Ashley is Farrah’s older sister who hates Farrah and said some shitty things about her in interviews and on Facebook, and there were doubts she’d appear onscreen this season.) Ashley says she and some of her friends are going to a pumpkin patch tomorrow and asks if Farrah and Sophia want to join. Farrah snots a “yes” and then tells Debra that even though she and Ashley haven’t talked in awhile it’s important that Sophia’s aunt be in her life, especially since (eyeroll) Farrah burned her bridge with Derek’s sister Kassy.

Ashley and Farrah take Sophia to the pumpkin patch and they get her face painted. Ashley clearly hasn’t seen Farrah in awhile, and one of her friends asks Farrah about how culinary school is going. Farrah says her goal is to get her degree, move somewhere (she mentions San Jose but we know she ended up in Miami), and eventually open her own restaurant. Later, Farrah voiceovers that she has to prepare a business plan for said restaurant as the final project for one of her classes. Debra comes over to help her with it, and I think that Debra is an executive somewhere so this is probably something she knows about. Her notes are pretty helpful. These two are almost having a normal human interaction.

Farrah and her mom go to a chiropractor’s office because she’s stressed out. Her finals are over, and she tells Debra that the business plan looked great but that the teacher only wanted a sample menu, not specific financial information. Farrah says that her mom has an MBA, and Debra says “an executive MBA.” Then the teacher told Farrah “she was bitchy and rude,” and I almost laugh out loud. Because she is, but that’s not the point.

Later, the whole family – Michael, Debra, Farrah, Sophia, and Ashley – goes out to celebrate Farrah’s graduation, even though she doesn’t know her final grades yet and isn’t sure she passed. In typical Farrah form, she gets bitchy and indignant when her relatives try to get more info about her schoolwork and she snaps that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Debra tries to give a speech about how proud she is of Farrah and they toast.

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    • rachel

      dont forget the really quick shot of the HUGE baby picture in catelyn and tylers room- it was in the very begining. A huge picture of just a face. Couldnt tell if it was Carly or not…

      • Lilit Marcus

        I think it’s a quilt of Carly’s face… it was in the moving scene. At least putting it on their wall is slightly less icky than having it on their bed.

    • steph

      Maybe Maci is selfish, but Ryan doesn’t ever do anything but mumble, so it’s not hard for Maci to get her way. If Ryan really wants Bentley around more he needs to fight for him. It looks like he doesn’t really care either way, he just wants to win over Maci, or his parents are the ones who realy want Bentley around. I mean Ryan lied to his mom when she asked if he was included in Bentley’s birthday plans. Maci texted Ryan and called him again to make sure he didn’t want to come to the aquarium. Yeah, she didn’t want him there, but she definitely tried.

      • Michelle

        Add Ryan offered her the same thing in regards to trick-or-treating. Instead, she threw a hissy fit, even though it was his day and he didn’t have to share it at all through the joint birthday party.