Parenting Lessons from ‘Teen Mom’: Crying Proves You Love Your Kid

I normally hate the “previously on” segments of any show I watch regularly, but this week’s previouslies did contain two awesome things I’d forgotten about: the fact that Sophia’s middle name is Laurent because Farrah wanted to name her daughter after Sophia Loren and couldn’t spell it right, and that Belden Lineman T-shirt that Gary used to wear in every single episode is finally back on the show. Oh, Teen Mom season 1, how I miss thee. This week, it’s Halloween.


Catelynn and Tyler go to an insane haunted house. And then they talk about how they need to get jobs. Most people get jobs before they get their own apartments, but the elephant in the room is the paycheck they get from MTV. (Also, we now know that Tyler and Catelynn weren’t paying rent and got evicted.) Catelynn says that between school and babysitting her brother Nick, she doesn’t have a lot of time left over for a job. I also have my suspicions about whether she’s babysitting Nick or if April has just dumped the kid on her (although poor Nick might have the chance at a normal life with Catelynn taking care of him). Nick is having a tantrum, and they put him in timeout. Catelynn and Tyler also have a cat, who is super cute. Catelynn says that taking care of Nick is tiring, and that she doesn’t know what she would do if Carly had a similar tantrum.

When Catelynn calls a store to see if they’re hiring, the woman on the phone says yes and tells her to bring a resume. After she hangs up, Catelynn admits that she has no idea how to put a resume together. When she goes to the store, she fills out an application but admits she doesn’t have a resume. Meanwhile, Tyler’s at a restaurant applying for a job. The guy at the restaurant asks Tyler about his five year plan, and I can’t tell if he’s power trippy or trying to get on camera time.

Catelynn checks her voicemail a few days later but the woman at the store still hasn’t called yet. The guy from the pizza restaurant calls Tyler and offers him a job, but adds ominously “You’re not afraid to work?” Look, guy, either you want to hire Tyler or you don’t. Tyler is really excited and Catelynn is proud of him but clearly bummed that she doesn’t also have a gig. They snuggle up on the couch and Catelynn vows to go back to the store and follow up. Later, Tyler calls his mom to tell her about the job and she dorks out a little bit telling him how proud she is of him. Tyler and Catelynn both have the sweetest smiles ever. On cue, the woman from the boutique, Toni, calls to offer Catelynn a part time job. “Everything that we want in life is actually coming true,” Catelynn says, starting to well up.

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    • rachel

      dont forget the really quick shot of the HUGE baby picture in catelyn and tylers room- it was in the very begining. A huge picture of just a face. Couldnt tell if it was Carly or not…

      • Lilit Marcus

        I think it’s a quilt of Carly’s face… it was in the moving scene. At least putting it on their wall is slightly less icky than having it on their bed.

    • steph

      Maybe Maci is selfish, but Ryan doesn’t ever do anything but mumble, so it’s not hard for Maci to get her way. If Ryan really wants Bentley around more he needs to fight for him. It looks like he doesn’t really care either way, he just wants to win over Maci, or his parents are the ones who realy want Bentley around. I mean Ryan lied to his mom when she asked if he was included in Bentley’s birthday plans. Maci texted Ryan and called him again to make sure he didn’t want to come to the aquarium. Yeah, she didn’t want him there, but she definitely tried.

      • Michelle

        Add Ryan offered her the same thing in regards to trick-or-treating. Instead, she threw a hissy fit, even though it was his day and he didn’t have to share it at all through the joint birthday party.