What Does ‘Challenge’ Star Johnny Bananas Have In Common with Dina Lohan?

Q: What does The Challenge star Johnny Bananas have in common with Dina Lohan, Hailey Glassman, and Octo-Mom?

A: An attorney.

Johnny, whom some of you might know as “that douchey guy from The Challenge who CT made into a backpack that one time,” originally appeared on The Real World: Key West and since then has done the round of Challenge appearances. His alliance with Kenny Santucci and Evan Starkman has kept him pretty safe on the show, and that has only allowed his ego to go unchecked. And that very same ego has led Johnny to hire a lawyer and threaten to sue Entourage after this Sunday’s final season premiere featured Johnny Drama (the character played by Kevin Dillon) got a job voicing a character on an animated show called Johnny’s Bananas. The Johnny from MTV apparently didn’t like the way Entourage was sullying “his brand” and hired a lawyer.

But not just any lawyer.

He hired Stephanie Ovadia, who has represented people like Dina Lohan and Octo-Mom. Stephanie probably has TMZ and Radar on her speed dial, which probably explains why the former site ran an exclusive about the Bananas lawsuit yesterday. Another plus is that Stephanie is super accessible to her clients – they can reach her through her website or her personal 1-800 number.

In case you didn’t want to read the whole article, I’d like to end on this quote from Mr. Bananas: “I intend to fight vigorously in defense of the years of hard work and dedication I’ve spent making Johnny Bananas a household name, and the purpose of this lawsuit is aimed at protecting the integrity of my brand.”

As for Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio’s branding campaign, we heard a rumor that Chiquita is coming after him for damaging their reputation.

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      There is literally nothing I do not like about this story.