How Would Kristin Cavallari and Ben Savage Even Know Each Other, Let Alone Date?

So, Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari was snapped leaving Troubador the other night with none other than Ben Savage. That’s Cory from Boy Meets World! This is more than a little disturbing, because we figured that even if he and Topanga — err, Danielle Fishel — never got together, he’d at least go for a girl who isn’t a raging bitch.

There must be some sort of “6 degrees of separation” deal going on here. Maybe Ben watched all of Laguna Beach and The City during his ten years out of the spotlight and got curious. Danielle Fishel’s female-Soup show The Dish has probably mocked Kristin more than once. Boy Meets World made a South Park reference in its Scream episode in 1998, and a 2007 episode of South Park briefly featured Kristin’s ex-fiance Jay Cutler

Nope, we’re still grasping at straws. If this is a real relationship, it will be one of the universe’s grand unexplained mysteries.

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    • Amanda Ernst

      Maybe they met at a bar?

      • Stephanie Libous

        Hopefully he was severely inebriated to the point of not realizing who she was before finally sobering up and in his raging state of being hungover politely asks her to leave before he unleashes Frankie Stechino’s WWF father on her…hopefully.

    • sam

      i love you cory matthews!!!