Where’s the Pippa Middleton Comic Book?

Bluewater Productions, the company responsible for all of the awful unauthorized celebrity graphic-novel biographies, has its hooks in the royal family. The latest victim is Prince Harry, who will see The Royals: Prince Harry be released on August 24. There’s a 32-page “single-issue” comic and a longer graphic novel detailing the “Wild Child” and his headline-making shenanigans. This comes after at least two books devoted to Will and Kate: One for their romance and one for April’s royal wedding, of course. In fact, the only people left to profile are Pippa Middleton and Princess Beatrice‘s toilet seat hat.

You have to wonder why Bluewater hasn’t already announced a Pippa comic, since she’s got the TLC special Crazy About Pippa airing next week and men and women everywhere obsessed with her dating life and her ass. They’d have a ball illustrating her brief modeling career, work on the family’s party-planning magazine, semi-nude photos, and of course her introduction to the U.S. at Kate’s wedding.

Maybe they’re not moving forward because there’s currently already a comic strip starring Pippa: Sony is featuring her in a comic promoting its new PlayStation game inFAMOUS 2. It’s a really silly fantasy story that hinges on a moustache-twirling millionaire trying to pay off Pippa so she’ll divulge juicy gossip from Will and Kate’s honeymoon. As if she doesn’t already have plenty of money and society contacts!

Obviously Sony doesn’t have the rights to Pippa’s image — and they’re not even trying to document the facts of her life — so it shouldn’t be long before Bluewater announces The Royals: Pippa Middleton.

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