Video: Pageant Princess Eden Wood Does a Terrible Britney Spears Impression

Despite Toddlers and Tiaras breakout star Eden Wood‘s “retirement” from pageants, she – and her stage mom Mickie Wood – aren’t going away. Mickie is bound and determined to make her kid a pop star. First there was the Sharon Osbourne dis. Then the blatant attempt to grab Justin Bieber fans. And now Eden has a single called Antz In Our Pants, which borrows from Britney Spears, “Hey Mickey You’re So Fine,” and those Kidsongz videos that haunt your nightmares.

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    • Abigail

      That song is so annoying there are no words for it. She doesn’t have a singing voice, can’t remember the choreography, and none of the children look like they want to be there.

    • Deez

      The child has the potential to be something, as long as her pitiful excuse for a mother goes away. That woman is insane. She acts like a complete lunatic on tv, and very much reminds me of Lindsey Lohans mom. One can only hope “dad” comes into the picture, and puts mom in the closet permanently.

    • Kathy

      Like I said before…her mom puts her out there and she becomes a pedophiles dream come true, wake up Bitch !