Miley Cyrus Tries To Alienate Her Fanbase More With New Gay Equality Tattoo

Miley Cyrus has revealed her newest tattoo via twitter. A grainy phone pic of an equal sign (her previous heart tattoo ink) accompanied the caption “All LOVE is equal.” For some, this is the equivalent  of Cyrus performing “Party In the USA” draped in a rainbow flag and throwing sample-sized “Boy Butter” tubs at under-aged fans. Which is why this was definitely a bold move on Cyrus’s part (and one of many in recent months) with the obvious intent of alienating her fan-base.

Over the last few years, we have watched Cyrus blossom from Disney child star to awkward tween actor, to goofy young adult wrestling with fame, sexuality and personal identity. Earlier this spring, she criticized Urban Outfitters for being anti-gay and stealing original ideas from artists.

It’s certainly jarring (and kind of amusing) watching Cyrus growing up before our very eyes and learning to take a stand, but her career is likely to suffer. As she’s alienating her conservative fans, she’s not really winning any edgier ones. Despite the growing ink collection, bong mishaps and Nirvana covers, Miley’s music isn’t developing at the same rate her personal life seems to be.

We appreciate the effort, Miley, but…no thanks.

(Photo: Twitter)

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