The Dos and Don’ts of Drama, with ‘Degrassi’: Hurting Yourself and Role-Playing Will Get Your Crush to Like You

I hate Imogen. I can’t stand her. She’s supposed to be Eli’s saving grace after his break-up with Clare, but in “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” Parts 1 and 2, she just comes off as a bored sociopath. I’ll probably rant about how awful she is in a separate post, so let’s look at everyone else from the two-parter. Poor Clare kept trying to get an interview out of Eli. Zane was hurt after Riley went on a date with a girl and treated him as little more than a friend at his (Riley’s) birthday dinner. Marisol is flirting with KC at work, and worse yet, he’s letting her do it while Jenna languishes at home with baby Ty. Nobody can do anything right this week!

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