5 Things You Won’t See on ‘Teen Mom’ This Season

Although Teen Mom is a reality show, its version of “reality” is quite skewed. Like most candid reality shows, it has become a victim of its own success. Instead of being a reality show about teen motherhood, it’s a show about four young women who are on a reality show. While we’re getting plenty of drama this season – custody battles, plastic surgery, relationship problems – there’s also a ton of stuff we’re not seeing. Here’s some of what you probably won’t see on Teen Mom this season – or any season.

Maci’s boob job

Although Farrah Abraham has been honest about her breast implants and allowed part of the process shown on TV, costar Maci Bookout is also looking much bigger in the chest area, but she’s not saying anything about it.

Speaking engagements and college tours

With the exception of Amber Portwood, all of the Teen Mom cast members have made some money from speaking tours and the lecture circuit. Maci has probably earned the most money thanks to the work she and Bristol Palin did for the Candie’s Foundation. But none of this stuff will make it on the show, because it a) indicates how the girls are actually making a living, and b) acknowledges that they’re “celebrities” now instead of the normal girls with normal lives MTV would like to portray.

Maci’s brother, Amber’s mom, and other relatives who have refused to go on the show

While we do know many members of the cast’s families, there are a few who can’t or won’t sign the forms necessary to appear on air. Maci has an older brother who sat out her 16 and Pregnant episode and has not appeared on Teen Mom, and Amber’s mother is a no-show as well. Farrah’s sister Ashley Danielson appeared in a few episodes last season but apparently doesn’t get along with her sister and isn’t going to be making any more cameos.

People recognizing the Teen Moms when they go out in public

As the last season of Jersey Shore showed, MTV will go to great lengths to make it look like cast members of their reality shows aren’t recognized or followed by fans on camera. When Snooki got arrested on the beach, MTV had to do close-up shots of her because panning out would have showed all the fans on the beach taking pictures of Snooks on their camera phones. The longer Teen Mom goes on, the more they’re having to clear out entire restaurants or shoot in homes to prevent fans from appearing on camera.

Smoking, drinking, and drug use

This week, Catelynn Lowell‘s therapy session with her mom April danced around something major – the fact that April clearly uses some kind of drugs. Whether they’re refraining from mentioning things like that on camera out of respect for privacy (doubtful on a show that aired footage of Amber assaulting her boyfriend) or because they’re illegal is unclear. But considering that there have been paparazzi shots of Maci drinking beer underage or Catelynn smoking, none of this stuff ever ends up on the show. It could be that MTV doesn’t want to deal with possible boycotts, and the show’s controversial enough as it is.

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