Bare It Like Beckham: David’s Got A New Underwear Line For H&M On The Way

H&M has announced a new partnership with world-renowned soccer player David Beckham. Beckman’s new line, scheduled to launch in 2012, will focus primarily on underwear. The decision to start an underwear line maybe have come from his stint as an unmentionables model for Emporio Armani in 2008. The campaign was extremely successful, with sales of men’s briefs going up 150%.

Of course, there might be another reason Beckham decided to go with an underwear line. As he’s approaching the end of his athletic career, Beckham might be looking to other legendary all-stars for entrepreneurial guidance. The obvious example would be Michael Jordan and his association with Hanes. For decades, Jordan has been hawking briefs and tees, while endorsing all manner of fast foods, soft drinks and long-forgotten phone companies. He even had a bit of an acting career.

So what’s next for Beckham? A deal with Nike? A movie about cartoons trying to save the earth from aliens? A tiny Hitler mustache?

We don’t know. But as long as he looks this good in his underwear, we don’t care how his passes are looking:


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