Is Woody Harrelson Hooking Up with One of His ‘Hunger Games’ Co-Stars?

Lainey’s item:

It was instant attraction when they started rehearsals, despite the fact that he’s supposed to be happily married. On set flirtation, some touching in the trailer, soon became after work “prep time”, and heavy petting in the car, and before long it was a full blown affair. May have been a method situation for him, which would surprise no one, but for her, even though she told herself this was a big girl, mature woman thing to do – take a co-star lover – of course she fell in love, although she obediently went back to her boyfriend and tried to shake it off he cut it off after three weeks as soon as his wife came over to stay. He seems to be able to pretend like it never happened. Which, naturally, is confusing her because she thought it was so real. Of course she did. As it happened, there was a break in the schedule and they haven’t had to work together for a while, much to the studio’s relief. These are big names on a big film with big expectation and there was already enough drama last time around. But shooting with everyone resumes again in a few days, and they’ll be sending an executive to stay around through the stretch to keep a close eye. Babysitting is exactly what it is.

A lot of people are guessing the man is Wes Bentley, especially considering his issues with substance abuse. But he doesn’t seem to fit Lainey’s item, if only because it’s very clear to the public that his marriage is falling apart. Plus, he’s only 32, not nearly old enough to seem so mature to Lawrence or Rambin. You’ll notice I’ve bolded some parts above, the ones that I think point to Woody Harrelson.

The major one is the relationship between the two actors’ characters. Though some have been reading the “method” mention as saying that the stars are following their characters’ love affair, I saw it as Harrelson playing out the “mentor” figure (as Haymitch is) with this actress, and that intimacy turning into romance. If that’s the case, then there are equal arguments for Lawrence and Rambin. Obviously he would be spending a lot more time with Lawrence — the train scene where she finds Haymitch drunk, plus their dinners with Peeta and Effie — but his path could have crossed with Rambin’s in all of the “training in the Capitol” scenes.

And since there’s a break in filming, that could mean that they’ve finished up all the Capitol stuff from the beginning of the book and Harrelson is filming reaction shots to the Games, since Haymitch can’t go into the Arena with Peeta and Katniss.

Regardless of the girl’s identity, Harrelson is a big name, one of the biggest in the movie. And maybe it’s ’cause I’ve never seen American Beauty, but I’d bet he’s more recognizable than Bentley.

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    • Lilit Marcus

      Wes Bentley is Seneca Crane, right? Now I’m imagining weird “Glimmer sleeps with Seneca in exchange for extra help winning the Games” fic.

      • Natalie Zutter

        My thoughts exactly! Although there is that scene in the book where Katniss shoots the arrow through the roast pig or whatnot… Maybe Seneca saw that as foreplay.

    • Erin

      I’m almost positive I read in a different article that they haven’t even started Capitol filming yet and that Harrelson wouldn’t be on set until then. Just saying, it seems kinda weird that something would happen between him and a co-star if he hasn’t started filming yet. But this sounds like a really personal issue and I wish if something were going on between any of the actors that people would just stay out of their business.