The Old Spice Guy Responds To Our Gallery, Issues Fan Art Challenge

Holy shit, you guys. The Old Spice Guy (a.k.a. Isaiah Mustafa) saw the gallery of fan art of him that we posted a while back, and responded directly to our own Liana Maeby via Youtube. He even said her name out loud, lucky girl. (She’s totally going to freak out when she gets back from vacation.) Seeing the potential for even more artistic tributes to his timeless beauty, he decided to give fans a few more poses to work with so that they might use him as their “blank, well chiseled, muscle laden, lady loving canvas.” I’ve screen capped all of them for your perusal; feel free to submit any pleasant smelling fan art you create to

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    • Stephanie Libous

      even Fabio did a youtube response to the Old Spice guys response to Liana!!

      • Stephanie Libous

        That is just wonderfully hysterical.

    • Amanda Ernst

      The chainsaw is the best.