The Afghan Version of ‘The Office.’ At Least It’s Less Offensive Than ‘Outsourced’?

With the departure of Steve Carell’s character from The Office this summer, everyone has been busy speculating about who will be his replacement. Will Ferrell, who took over for Carell in the last few weeks of season 7, was supposed to be a temporary fix (and treat), but would not stay on for season 8. Decidedly, NBC has chosen to keep things under wraps, hoping curiosity will up their viewership on September 22, when Dunder Mifflin gets a new manager.

But, in this industry, leaks are to be expected. And so, this sneak peak of the newest season, with it’s newest boss, has been making the Internet rounds and spoiling NBC’s surprise today.

Now that you’ve taken the time to watch the video above, you’ll realize it’s actually a trailer for the Afghan comedy, The Ministry, which is clearly a rip-off of The Office. But, as reported, it’s nice to see a nation ravaged by corruption and war dipping their toes into satire. And it’s refreshing to see a female character in the show be a feminist to boot.

Mostly, we’re just glad that this show isn’t as offensive as Outsourced, NBC’s own ripoff of The Office. Maybe NBC should just buy up Ministry and put it on air now that Outsourced has been cancelled. Of course, corruption in Afghanistan has nothing to do with a call center in India but, judging by the racial tone-deafness displayed in Outsourced, nobody should notice the difference.

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