Video: Harry Potter, Re-Cut As A Teen Romantic Comedy

Someone named Thewlis Rox re-cut a Harry Potter trailer to look like that of a teen romantic comedy, and I must say, the results are pretty convincing. No one has a crazy party when their parents are away, violates a pastry, or loses their virginity to someone’s mom, but it still looks like an entertaining teen flick to me. The Harry Potter movies have always had a “normal teenager” element to them; the attribution of magical powers to characters kids can identify with is what makes it such a wonderful fantasy for viewers. But you’ve never seen Harry quite like this. Too bad it’s not an actual movie. Fan fic screenplay, anyone?

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    • Eileen

      I think that’s one of the things I liked best about Harry Potter – that romance and sex came into play, but as just a part of the kids’ lives. More flattering to teenagers, really – they can be interested in going to class, playing sports, being with their families, and saving the world in addition to getting laid!

    • Tarik

      Nothing new here. No edits to make it looks like something its not. It was a Romance Drama/Comedy/Kids Action.
      But definitely shows what simple music and well timed editing can do to the mood of a movie.