The House From The Big Lebowski Is Up For Sale For A Lot Of Money

It would seem the people who own things associated with the Coen Brothers’ cult classic The Big Lebowski have finally wised up to what goldmines they’re sitting on. First, they tried to auction off The Dude’s iconic cardigan for an opening bid of $4,000. (It was later pulled from the auction pending authenticity verification, but I’m sure it’ll sell for a pretty penny if its owners ever get their act together.) And now, the dude’s little one-bedroom stoner cottage in Venice is up for sale for a whopping $2,295,000. And it doesn’t even come with a rug that ties the room together!

Part of the reason this modest house costs so much is because you’d be buying it as part of a complex of six distinct rental units, which are not sold separately. According to, “these historic, bigger-than-average bungalows feature spacious side-yards, garage parking and a lushly landscaped gated courtyard.” Also, the whole place got a new sewer line in 2005, so you need not worry about your toilet being able to handle the results of whatever weird munchies you decide to eat. The bath tubs are big enough to accommodate any marmots the German nihilists may throw in there with you, the beds will support all manner of coitus, and abiding dude-ness emanates from its very walls. What are you waiting for?

I just hope they’ve thoroughly cleaned the place since this happened:

(Via Gawker)

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