Orlando Bloom’s ‘Three Musketeers’ Character Is a Little Less Cool Now

This is going to sound really silly, but for about two weeks I was convinced that Orlando Bloom‘s character in The Three Musketeers was pretentious and kind of a fop, all because of a piece of jewelry. You see, on the main poster for the movie, it looks like the Duke of Buckingham is wearing a charm on his mustache — you know, like the kind of weird trinkets Johnny Depp used to collect for his Jack Sparrow persona. I was actually excited at this weird costuming piece: I thought it represented how over-the-top and decadent the movie looks.

But alas, it was a trick of angles, and it turns out the charm is actually just a normal earring. You can see it more clearly in this international poster:

But wait… Could it be? An overblown pouf? Eye makeup? A metallic outfit reminiscent of Lady Gaga‘s “Poker Face” video? Maybe Orlando Bloom plays a weirdly stylish tool after all!

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