Danielle Staub Analyzes ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Season 3 Episode 10

Disclaimer: Danielle Staub did not actually write this post. But, as avid fans of the show, we figured we might have a little insight into her own take on the show. The views expressed here are not those of Crushable, but rather are simply an imagining of what Danielle might have to say.


On this week’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, we were treated to the aftermath of what happened in the previous week’s episode. Last week, we saw pot-stirrer Kim G arrive at the Gorgas’ holiday party with Monica Chacon, a lawyer involved in suing the Giudices. When Teresa displayed her discomfort over Monica’s presence at the party, Joe and Melissa asked her to leave. This week,  however, we saw a family that is “as thick as thieves” order another party guest out. Check out Danielle Staub’s favorite scenes from this week.

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    • joe migley

      interesting how you know all about ratings but cant seem to get any for your new show or should i say ratings disaster

    • Karmaiseverywhere

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    • MD

      I can’t believe people don’t know it’s not really Danielle writing these…especially when the author’s name is at the top and bottom of the story. Oy.