5 Facts About the ‘Real Housewives of New York’ Reunion (Part 1)

Last night was Andy Cohen‘s favorite occasion: The Real Housewives of New York reunion show. Whereas all season he gets to sit up in his little clubhouse and entertain Housewives one at a time — or random celebrity guests — at the three-hour reunion (last night was just part 1) he got all of them in one room to needle at open emotional wounds.

Ramona enjoys a very regular period.

In responding that she’s definitely not pregnant but it is possible — while LuAnn smirks from the other couch — Ramona tells poor Andy that every 30 days she gets a visit from Aunt Flo. Andy just smiles like a loon throughout, but LuAnn comments that this is “an interesting place” to talk about that.

Cosmo just rated Kelly one of the five nicest celebs ever.

According to Kelly. She’s otherwise pretty uninteresting during the reunion show, but the way she delivers this fact as an argument, with her guileless smile, is just great.

Reconciliations during the show don’t mean squat.

Jill badgers Sonja asking if getting called out by Simon hurt, as Alex looks on in disbelief. She has good reason to be surprised: It seemed like Jill and Simon buried the hatchet several episodes (and months) ago.

Sonja is really hurting after her divorce two years ago.

One of the best moments of this season was when everyone thought Mario was cheating on Ramona, and Sonja had the most bizarre reaction by blurting out, “My husband is gone!!” Yeah, ’cause you divorced him, sweetie. And for once, I have to agree with Ramona: It is a bit suspicious that Sonja married such an older, obviously wealthy guy. But Sonja continued to sob about how her relationship fell apart — not that she would give any specifics, of course.

Kids are taboo.

Andy brings up Ramona’s jibes that LuAnn is a “weekend mom,” with Ramona backing up her argument with the fact LuAnn’s daughter Victoria has had to change so many schools. (Huh?) But when Jill backs up LuAnn and Ramona turns on her, Jill does what has become the classic reality-TV move: She stands up and says, “I’m not talking about this.”

Next week: Ramona cackles at Alex’s bad jokes, and the brunettes seem to be winning — especially when they accuse Ramona of having a drinking problem.

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    • Barb

      The reunion show was just no class act by any of the housewives. I do hope they see what I saw on the reunion, lots of bad behavior by each one. I do think their children will see how their mother’s behaved on this reunion. I will not be watching any more of these housewives. I do miss Betheny and her positive outlook on life.

    • Lilit Marcus

      I think Cosmo was calling Kelly nice in the way that you call crazy people nice in order to get them to calm down and go away.

    • e

      time to retire all of the ny housewives

    • renee

      I think Bravo should cross promote the Housewives shows by pitting the different casts against each other (can you imagine Ramona and Caroline or Kim Richards and Melissa in the same room together?!)…maybe something game showesque like mud wrestling…could pick up some male viewers…

    • eds

      luann is the most condescending , rude and an original woman l have ever seen on tv , she should not write a book about ethics if she can’t put it into practice herself . shame on you !