Why Jill Zarin’s Daughter Ally Shapiro Really Left Sarah Lawrence College

On last week’s Real Housewives of New York season finale, Jill Zarin mentioned that her daughter Ally Shapiro, who is often featured on the show alongside Mom, had decided to transfer away from Sarah Lawrence College. Ally’s freshman year had been a storyline on the show, with Jill heading up to Westchester to visit her daughter and one painful episode where Jill took Ally shopping for school clothes and made some harsh comments about her weight and figure.

Why is Ally transferring schools? Though her mom didn’t get into details, several Sarah Lawrence students told Crushable about Ally’s freshman year. While having a reality-star parent might be cultural capital at other schools, SLC has a reputation for being artsy and anti-establishment, so Ally’s connection to Real Housewives was a minus, not a plus. “She was standoffish,” one student told Crushable. “She thought she was famous, and nobody cared.”

A second student offered up an additional detail, which is that Ally was hospitalized earlier this year for alcohol poisoning and had to have her stomach pumped. “They tried to cover it up,” the student said, “but we all knew it was her.” The incident was not discussed on Real Housewives, which is typical – other misdeeds by cast members’ kids, including an incident where Countess LuAnn de Lesseps‘ teenage daughter Victoria was reportedly kicked out of her exclusive prep school after making a YouTube video where she swore and used an ethnic slur, have also stayed off of the show.

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    • Stacy

      she is at ECU.

      • Angel

        Where is ECU?

    • natalia

      I’m not buying this story about Ally having her stomach pumped. Hospitals no longer pump people’s stomachs.

      • Beth

        Of course they still pump stomachs. Inducing vomiting can be extremely dangerous because of the possibility of aspirating matter into the lungs.

    • GoldenPoolGirl

      Could ECU be Eastern Carolina University in NC? If so, it’s not known for being a top ranked school, but rather a school one applies to in case they don’t get accepted anywhere else.

    • Pat wells

      She is going to Vanderbilt

    • Peer

      I would like to say that I’ve had minimal (let me say it again, minimal) contact with Ally, and I must say that I’ve still never experienced this self-entitled-standoffish-I’m-famous-vibe. If someone hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known “who” she is. Also, they don’t “pump” stomachs anymore, regardless of whose stomach it is…

    • Caroline

      Yes, she’s going to Vanderbilt.

      I ran into her on campus today and she was a total biotch. I can understand wanting to ‘be your own person,’ but don’t go on a reality TV show if you DON’T want to re recognized.

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