Video: Mariah Carey In A Strange Mood On HSN

Mariah Carey appeared on the Home Shopping Network to shill her “collection” last night, and the results were nothing short of inspirational. Over the course of her manic two-hour appearance, she talked about how awful her pregnancy had been, tried out many different accents and dialects, and got all bossy with the camera people. Gawker‘s Matt Cherette edited it down into a four-minute highlight reel for our viewing pleasure. Of those highlights, here are some of my favorite parts:

-”I need a fragrant moment.”

-Every time she gets confused or irate re: the video cameras taping the show.

-”camoflaugian moment” (?!)

-On incubating twins: “You have to keep them in as long as possible, because it’s a sacrifice you make for them.”

-”There’s push gifts here, tell your baby father.”

-”It’s a real diamond necklace, it’s kind of pow…I wear it as a tiara as well.”

-”I didn’t know there was math involved.”

Oh, Mimi. Please don’t ever change.

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