Celebrity Lookalikes: Ashley Greene’s ‘Twilight’ Wig and Famous Celebrity Haircuts

Ashley Greene‘s Twilight wig has come a long way: Over the course of five movies, it’s gone from a feathered freakshow to a sleek, gamine look. Greene even said that shooting the two-part Breaking Dawn was the first time she felt truly comfortable in Alice Cullen’s short hair. As proof that frizziness changes appearance, here are the celebrities she resembled at each stage of her fake-hair journey.

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    • Bree

      Hilarious! Can you please do a post now about which celebrity hair styles Bella’s wig resembles? :)

      • Natalie Zutter

        That’s a great idea! Already I’m envisioning Angelina Jolie when she has her hair swept all weirdly from her hairline… I think there’s at least one Bella wig that matches that.