Cartoonist Posts Open Letter to ‘South Park’ Creators Asking Them to Ridicule the Norwegian Bomber

Last week, a terrorist acting alone went on a bombing and shooting rampage in Norway, killing 76 people. As the country deals with the shock of the attack and slowly rebuilds, cartoonist and writer David Skaufjord is looking to America — specifically, to South Park and Book of Mormon creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. David posted his open letter to Reddit, imploring Trey and Matt to do what they do best: Rip apart a self-important asshole. It’s a fantastic letter, definitely worth reading.

I’m all for this. So far the bomber has been depicted only objectively by the media, which means his message gets disseminated just the way he wanted it to. Stripping him of his manifesto and Photoshopped images — and using the crazed character of Randy, as so many Redditors are suggesting — would reveal him for what he really is: A coward.

Of course, new South Park episodes won’t happen til October, when the bombing has faded into our memory and won’t be relevant anymore, so there’s a big chance that David’s plea will be seen but never acted upon.

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