‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Bitchy Mona Alert!

Last night’s Pretty Little Liars episode, “Never Letting Go,” centered around relationships — parental relationships, the girls’ relationships and significant others/possible significant others. Jason DiLaurentis also takes on an even bigger (sadly non-shirtless) role. I thought the episode set up some very interesting things for the future. Are the girls able to let go of Ali? Clearly, not quite yet.

At the beginning of the episode, the girls continue to theorize about Ali’s death. They also talk about boys, which is very refreshing. I’d love to see these girls not worry about A for once…which would not make for good television, but still. Aria gets a text from Jason to meet up with her. Of course, she lies and says it’s Ezra. Oh boy. Jason tells Aria that he shouldn’t have told her all of those things at the funeral. There is definitely something shady here.

Meanwhile, it’s Toby and Spencer make out time. Woo! Love it. Spencer gets home and realizes her dad was on the phone with Jessica DiLaurentis. My first thought is that they had an affair. My second thought is that Spencer is making too much of it but who knows.

At the Fields house, Emily and her mom have a heart to heart about her dad. Em suggests that her mom stay with her dad until summer vacation. I love their new trusting relationship. Pam is so much more accepting of Emily now, it’s great. Later, Spencer tells Aria about her dad’s heated call with Jessica DiLaurentis. Spencer and Aria get an email saying that Ali’s mom wants to have lunch with them. Awkwardness ensues. She gives the girls dresses which they remember in a bitchy Ali flashback moment. Creeepy! She wants them to wear the dresses in the upcoming fashion show. Double creepy! Hanna vocalizes exactly what I think about the dresses. Aria offers to pick out and show pictures for the Ali tribute to Jason. I don’t like where this is going, Aria. Remember Ezra! I do like that Jessica DiLaurentis is suddenly back. I feel like she probably knows a lot more about Ali and Jason than the girls do and I’d love for that information to come out some time.

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