Chick Flick Check List: ‘Friends With Benefits’

Friends With Benefits is a movie about two attractive people (Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake) who have sex. But it’s not just any two people having sex. It’s two people who like to talk a lot while having sex. If only one of them tried telling jokes through coitus, it would be non-complicated BAD SEX. But since they both like to do this and they don’t want to be in a relationship, they call this “friends with benefits.” In the real world, this is actually known as “hooking up.” Especially considering the two main characters aren’t friends when they start doing it.

But when has logic ever stopped you from watching a chick flick? There are plenty of other reasons you might consider watching this movie. So let’s take a trip through this week’s Check List to see if you should go see Friends With Benefits.

Likability of the lead: 9/10

Mila Kunis is adorable. Who would have thought that that whiny chick from “That ’70s Show” would grow up to have so much sex appeal? And this is despite the fact that she is so tiny and skinny that I repeatedly confused Justin Timberlake’s pecs for her breasts while they were in bed.

Plot/Script: 6/10

The most confusing part of this movie is the fact that Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake aren’t really friends when they start having sex. They’re acquaintances with a flirtatious bantering relationship. Whoever named this movie should be fired from the movie title business.

Also, seeing as we’re on the internet at the moment, I feel obliged to mention that Justin’s character is a web editor. Who gets stalked and poached by Mila’s headhunter to be the art director at GQ magazine. The idea of a headhunter chasing a blogger across country is hilarious. But not as ridiculous as said editor not knowing what a flash mob is. He should be fired from the internet business.

Which brings me to two words: FLASH MOBS. There are at least three of them in this movie. If you love flash mobs, you will likely enjoy that.

Chemistry Between The Leads: 8/10

It is fun watching Mila and Justin do their verbal jousting thing. Even if Justin seems to think that he’s still in The Social Network the whole time. But they do seem to genuinely enjoy each other, which is fun to watch. Even if the things they’re saying don’t always make any sense.

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