Snap This: Comic-Con Bingo

Those of you partying it up at San Diego Comic-Con, here’s a way to enhance the experience: Comic-Con Bingo, from the lovely folks at Comedy Central. From Pedobear to the celebrities who are there only to promote comic-book movies and aren’t used to nerds hanging all over them, here’s your spot to document it. Extra points if you send photos of each geeky encounter to @ccinsider. And for those of you playing from home, you can still go by the live streams and photo galleries to fill out the squares.

I’ve heard plenty of SDCC veterans complain about how a lot of the programming in the past few years has been non-geeky stuff like Glee, which explains why there’s a spot for attendees dressed as characters that aren’t from comic books. Perhaps that’s also why one of the entries is for a line to the women’s bathroom — maybe it’s a new shocker, that enough women who have to pee (really, that’s any of us) are all congregated in one geeky place.

Just watch out for the Furries!

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      Nerds in love :)